Floorplan #1

I like floor plans. I think they speak a lot about the character of a place.

The above floor plan is not, as far as I am aware, a representation of a real place. I sketched it up last night. I envision it as a studio apartment in a pre-war (that’d be pre-WWII-war) building. It’s unusual for a studio in that it’s not just one huge room with the kitchen and bath along one wall. (My own studio is a little odd in that it’s shaped like an “L”).

My idea here was to draw a studio apartment that I would like to live in. The existence of both a powder room, and a bathroom, is pretty much just indicative of how I’d like NOT to share facilities with my cats.

Despite the fact that aside from the bathroom and powder room (and the closets), there are no interior doors, separate spaces are defined by features of the floorplan. The sleeping area is on a raised platform. One must descend from the foyer. Additionally, having access to what is designated the dining space (but need not be used as such) from three directions makes the place feel larger because a person is not forced to walk the same way to-and-from everywhere. Note the pillars along the right wall of the sleeping area: the stairs up to it, of course, occupy the first space, the other two are filled with a short rail, allowing an unobstructed view of the living space.

This has features I would like in my own apartment: an in-suite washer/dryer. A fireplace. Lots of storage. The kitchen is small but, I like to think, cozy (especially as I haven’t actually indicated where any appliances or counters would go, but I imagine it has a dishwasher). I need to figure out a way to incorporate a balcony of some sort.

I picture hardwood floor throughout, with tiles in the bathroom, and maybe granite in the kitchen.

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