Getting Home Around the Emergency Metro Closure Between Metro Center & Federal Center SW

Due to an accident on the tracks, the Blue & Orange line is suspended between Metro Center and Federal Center SW. This means you won’t be able to use Smithsonian or L’Enfant Blue and Orange line stops.

Does this mean you’re stranded if the train hasn’t been cleared away and the tracks reopened by the time 5:00 rolls around? Hardly. Here are some options for escaping to the ‘burbs:

Destination: Vienna/Fairfax & Franconia Springfield – take the Red Line to Farragut North, and use the “virtual tunnel” to move to Farragut West. Pick up your train there.

Alternatively … If you don’t want to transfer at the Farraguts, or fear the Red Line, Yellow line (yes, I’m verbing it) to Pentagon, then catch the Blue line to Rosslyn. From there, you could jump on a west bound Orange line train.

Destination: New Carrolton & Largo Town Center – Yeah, sorry, you’re gonna have to make you way to Capitol Hill. Even if Metro does get shuttle service arranged, guys, it’s going to be a cluster fuck. Trains hold way more passengers than buses can, and Metro can’t shift its entire bus fleet. Use’s trip planner to check bus routes from your work places. Off the top of my head, you should be okay with any of the 90 or D# routes.