Columbia Heights Target is 18th in Sales Volume for the Company

It doesn’t matter if I’ve been at my day job from 7-3, and then gone to my part-time job and done a 5-1am shift, and didn’t get home until 2, and didn’t get in bed until 3.

At six am, I will be wide fucking awake.

I can’t be wide awake Monday through Friday at six am, where I actually had at least six hour of sleep the night before, but on Saturday morning, BAM. Wide awake by six am.

This is actually kind of nice. I get to use the laundry room before anyone else is up. Well – almost anyone. The woman across the hall apparently has the same issue as I do because sometimes she’s got all the machines running.

But I can try to get my laundry started. I can have the community gym all to myself. Treadmill and an episode of the History Channel about World War Two destroyers? Sounds like fun!

One of the best things about being up so early is getting out to Columbia Heights for early morning errand running. Columbia Heights houses DC’s only Target, and it’s a good place for getting, y’know, crap. (You know how it is: “I need to go to Target to pick up some underwear” and then you wind up leaving with just about everything and spent $70 instead of $10 and isn’t $10 a bit much to pay for a three pack of men’s boxer shorts, anyway?)

I have a simply rule about doing a shopping trip to the Target in Columbia Heights: if I can’t be there before 10am, just fucking forget about it. What a nightmare. But at 9am, it’s quiet. At 8am, it’s even peaceful.

Last Saturday I ran out there to price some bedsheets. I wound up going with Bed Bath & Beyond (just across the way) – black sheets 400 thread count, plus an extra set of pillowcases (I have four pillows) wound up just shy of $100, easily the most I’ve ever spent on sheets but LET ME TELL YOU HOW AWESOME IT FELT WHEN I WENT TO BED.

Pretty fucking awesome, that’s how awesome.

Back to Target: I bumped into a guy I used to work with at the Bookstore. Good guy, fell in some hard times when the economy crashed, so I’m glad he found a safe haven (he’s working two jobs now). During our conversation, he mentioned that the store was ranked 18th in the company in terms of sales volume.

I was actually kind of surprised. The store’s not that big, after all, and it’s not the easiest place to lug stuff from. Only so much junk you can fit onto the Metro, bus, or Circulator, after all. But I guess it makes sense: it’s a lot easier to get to a Target that’s in the city then heading out to the ‘burbs, especially for those of us who are car-free.

I wonder how much their overhead is. Sales volume is one thing. Profitability is another. Rent’s not cheap.

(In other news, I’m kind of excited that DSW is moving into that shopping center this year. Holy shit, have I become Frank Ricard?!)