The Obligatory “I Work In a Movie Theater So These Are The Movies I Think Will Win The Oscars” Blog Post

Best Picture: THE ARTIST

A lot of the nominees I don’t really care for and about. And for once, I’ve actually seen a few of them (but only a few). While I think part of me would jump up and down for Midnight in Paris to win, I’m pretty sure The Artist will take the top. What a beautiful, wonderful movie. Although, honestly, that could be said for MiP as well.

Actor in a Leading Role: JEAN DUJARDIN

As much as I loved Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I think I’m going to have to give this to Jean Dujardin in The Artist.

Actress in a Leading Role: GLENN CLOSE

Not a mark against Meryl Streep, but I’ve only seen bits and parts of The Iron Lady. My pick is Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs.

Actor in a Supporting Role: CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER

Since the only one of these films I’ve seen is Beginners, my pick is Christopher Plummer as a 70ish gay man who comes out to his son after his wife has died.

Actress in a Supporting Role: JANET MCTEER

I really don’t understand how Shailene Woodley wasn’t nominated for The Descendants. She stole the show from Clooney, IMO. Since she’s not up, this is an easy pick: Janet McTeer for Albert Nobbs. Just to clarify: even if Woodley had been up, this still would’ve been a difficult call. They’re both just so absolutely wonderful.

Directing: WOODY ALLEN

I think Woody Allen is a pretty shady human being. That said, he’s also brilliant. But I don’t think artistic merit should outweigh a person’s faults and crimes (for example, I love Chinatown, but everyone who says a word in defense of Roman Polanski should be ashamed of themselves, for instance). In any case, I kind of hope Allen wins for Midnight in Paris, even if he could stand for massive improvement in his status as a human being (then again, so could I, and it’s not like he – or I – was running around raping minors so maybe I’m being too hard on him. Meanwhile, fuck you Polanski).

Music (Original Score): ____

Since there are very few of these soundtracks I’ve listened to, I’m going to avoid picking someone here, I’ll just note that John Williams has two chances out of five to win.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY

The thing about this category is it requires people to have actually read the work that was adapted, and to have seen the movie the original work was produced from (or at a bare minimum to read the final script). I think Bridget O’Connor & Peter Straughan adapted LeCarre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy work while remaining faithful to the book (which I just re-read last week, and I’ve seen the movie four times – five on Tuesday). Throw in O’Connor’s recent death (she passed away last September) and I think they’re a shoe-in (which is sad, because they deserve to win on merit, not sympathy).