DC Love from American Express

I’m apparently a shill for American Express today … I’ve seen this commercial a few times on HGTV:

There are lots of reasons I like this commercial. For one thing, most (if not all) of these stores are located in D.C. Idle Time Books is a fifteen minute walk from my apartment, and one of my favorite bookstores. I was wondering if Amex had made different commercials for different markets, but since this is the video on their “Small Business Saturday” page, I assume not.

Which is awesome.

Oh – and – who am I kidding? All bookstores are “one of my favorites.”

2 thoughts on “DC Love from American Express

  1. YES! About a month ago I saw the commercial with Idle Time books in it and loved it.
    I could’t find it on youtube to post it to facebook, but none-the-less, it still made me want to support local businesses.

    When I lived in Austin I loved their “Keep Austin Weird” slogan. I wish we had more of a push for local businesses here in DC. Maybe this Amex campaign will help with that?
    I hope so.

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