The New Job

So the last month and a half has been kind of crazy.

In early March I was asked to come in for an in-office interview with the organization I’ve been in the process with for the last several months. While I’m not going to identify the organization, I’ll say it’s a large private employer in DC, and neither the Federal or local government. The interview was on a Friday, I was informed the reference check was beginning the following Monday, and after a long week of looking at my phone wondering why it wasn’t ringing, it finally rang Friday afternoon after I’d left work.

They offered me the job, and I very happily accepted.

I spent that night at the Cinecave mopping up water after two of the men’s room urinals broke, but that was fine. I was on Cloud Nine. Still am. I gave my notice to the Cinecave that night, and on Monday, I gave my notice at my day job. (This was six weeks ago).

The day I gave notice was a Monday. The following Saturday was my four year anniversary at the job. Market Research. Up in Bethesda. For four years my commute had been a walk to the Metro, a train ride up to Grosvenor, and a bus ride to the office. The department’s been in turmoil: our director left in December, a new VP is starting later in April, and our interim head is a Croatian national who was once possibly a mercenary, and who in any cases enjoys plotting takeovers of small island nations and discussing the merits of an AK-47 over any other firearm available.

I stopped into his office mid-afternoon and told him I was leaving.

He went through the four stages of grief:

1. He thought I was joking.
2. He said a very many nice things about me and asked what the fuck he was supposed to do with me gone?
3. He insulted my work.
4. He asked about what I’d be going and gave me some general advice.

Oh, and ballsy? My job offer was conditional pending a background check. Fortunately, it all came out ay-oh-kay, but I didn’t actually find that out for a few days.

Tomorrow is the start of my fifth week. The new office is walking distance to my apartment, and I’ve been walking: a lot. I’ve taken the Metro a handful of times, but if I’m not going to walk (foot hurts, rainy, whatever), I actually prefer to catch the bus. I’m in a much smaller group and I’m slowly getting to know everyone there. My second week, I was involved in interviews for our potential new boss (which was kinda weird, since I was new to the organization, the group, and the job as a whole).

I’ve been out of DC once since I started (this is NOT a complaint) — that was last weekend, to go to a “Happy Spring!” cookout.

It’s a little strange. I’ve kept up until recently a 7am-3pm work schedule. Now I’m on an 8:30-5pm work schedule. The afternoons feel so much shorter. And at the same time, I’m now sleeping in far later than I had been. I’m waking up at 7:30. Which might seem early but, really, isn’t at all. I have business cards — hundreds, maybe thousands of them, I dunno, they came in a big long box. I’m off to the midwest for a conference this summer … I’m looking forward to the conference, but not necessarily the flight (…anyway).

Okay. So I just wanted to get this post out there. I’ve been enjoying my free time, although I haven’t been using it quite as productively as I’d like. That’ll come in time.