2 thoughts on “Physical Books Aren’t Sustainable, says Geordi LaForge

  1. I’m actually finding that I get more out of physical books then electronic books. I read both, was hoping to one day intergrate into having an almost exclusive digital library…but I think I’d miss that real book experience.

  2. I really don’t understand people that fetishize physical books. It’s the ideas they contain, not the medium!

    I do the vast majority of my pleasure reading with library books. There’s nothing better than being able to check out books on my phone, and immediately start reading. Even on vacation, I can check out new books. I don’t have to stock up on books for vacation anymore!

    I also try and buy as many of my technical books for work as e-books, also, just because I can share them between my phone, home PC, work PC and Nooks. It works for me.

    I hate the DRM involved, and I hate that publishers are trying to limit the number of times that an e-book can be checked out from a library before a new license must be purchased.

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