DC Zone Parking & Police Districts

I have my parents’ Camry for a week and a half while they’re vacationing out west. In return for this, I dropped them off at the airport this morning, and will pick them up late on a future weekend night. In between these times, the car will occupy a space behind my building.

Heading back into DC after dropping my folks off at the airport, I stopped at the District 2 police station to get a visitor’s parking pass that would allow me to park the car without fear of being ticketed. The station was pretty busy. A homeless woman I’ve seen downtown was trying to find some property that had been confiscated during a past arrest, and this was taking up the time and efforts of two officers.

A police officer asked what I needed, and I told her a parking pass for zone 3. She checked to see that I had a DC driver’s license and filled out the form. I thanked her, left, and realized when I got home that the pass had a big bold “2” written on it.

I wasn’t upset, honest, it was busy there. Easy mistake, and I do live right by the zone 2/3 border (I think). I drove back over. I explained the situation to the officer, and she looked at me like I was crazy. “I gave you a zone 3 pass.” It was then I realized that the “2” was for the police district which had filled out the pass.

“It’s been a long day,” I apologized as the officer laughed gently and I beat a humble retreat and mourned the parking space I’d vacated.