Don’t Feed The Geese in Farragut Square

I’ve been spending my Labor Day weekend going for walks in the morning and collapsing on my couch to watch episodes of Homeland in the afternoon.

In this episode – mild spoilers! – there’s a scene which takes place in Farragut Square. Except, of course, Homeland doesn’t film in DC (or doesn’t primarily film in DC, anyway). So whatever they’re using for Farragut Square is recessed from the buildings, has a lake, and there’s no statue of Admiral David G. “Damn the torpedoes!” Farragut.

There is, however, a sign which says “Don’t feed the geese.” And a fountain.

The scene is later revealed to have taken place during the “busy lunch hour”, but, gotta tell ya’, I’ve seen Farragut Square at a weekday lunch, and there were no food trucks to be seen in Homeland‘s depiction.

However, Homeland does a mostly good job of DC geography. There’s some stereotyping: when the CIA wants to flip a Saudi diplomat who is providing intelligence to the bad guys, they decide to blackmail him by threatening to reveal he’s gay if he doesn’t. Of course they know this because they’ve tracked him to a bathhouse in, which neighborhood, ladies and gentlemen?

Dupont Circle, of course.