Lincoln’s Cottage

Got up to Lincoln’s Cottage today, first time up at the Old Soldiers’ Home in NE DC.  A friend had purchased a Living Social deal for the tour and kindly invited me along (to thank her, I got her an Abe Lincoln finger puppet/magnet for her fridge*).

By happy coincidence, one of the original copies of the Emancipation Proclamation is on display at the visitor’s center starting this weekend.


Lincon’s “Cottage” is actually pretty huge (but as I learned on the tour, “cottage” refers to the architectural style).


Here it is again!  The summer kitchen is way on the left.  Those front doors are huuuuuge.


I don’t know what this is.  It reminds me of the Shot Tower in Baltimore (but doesn’t really seem tall enough to be one), and it’s right out the front door of Lincoln’s Cottage.  Any ideas?  It appears to be a stand alone structure.


Lincoln used to commute to and from the White House on a horse.  This statue was installed in 2008, and if you look carefully, that’s a smile on Abe’s face.  He’s smiling because he sees you.

* got one for me, too