long walk

Via Google Maps “after the fact”, this was 11.8 miles walked.  I was out the door by 8:30 and home before 1pm.  Not my best pace, but I did take a handful of rest breaks, and visited the National Book Festival on the Mall.

Speaking of the National Mall, I think today was my first time down there since New Year’s.  Not even kidding.  I did see Dark Knight Rises at the Natural History museum, but didn’t enter via the Mall.

In any case: it was a good walk, but I think my pace slows towards the end, which sort of defeats the purpose: if my heart rate isn’t high enough, there’s no weight loss, so why bother?

I had originally planned to loop around the Capitol, but there were a lot of police in riot gear, and some racists with signs or whatever, so I avoided them .