I’ve got food.

I’ve got water, and beer.

I cleared out my closet so I can use it as an emergency shelter.

I’m ready for Sandy.  I wish work would have announced a closure earlier, but, I can’t get everything I want.

Metro recently announced that it is completely closing tomorrow.  No bus service.  No rail service.

I was surprised when several people on my Twitter feed expressed disappointment that the Metro closure would basically keep them at home.

Erm – isn’t that the point of the shutdowns of schools, and offices? So that people aren’t injured trying to get to or from those places? So that emergency responders aren’t injured trying to help those people?

Do everyone a favor: stay indoors tomorrow. Weather the storm safely. For one thing, if I were an employer, I’d rather my employees be injured trying to get to work than gallivanting around thinking Monday’s an extension of the weekend.


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