Tagg Romney’s “I wanna deck Obama” comment: not a big deal

Mitt Romney’s son Tagg was overheard saying he wanted to punch President Obama after Obama repeatedly called his father out on his lies.

While this is apparently causing a bit of a firestorm, I don’t see the big deal in it.  Here’s why:

1.) People can’t help how they feel.  And frankly, it’s wrong to tell people how they should  feel.  What people can help is how they react to how they feel.  Tagg’s reaction to his feelings was not to engage in violence.  This is a good thing.

2.) While I do feel that what Romney’s campaign has done has been to misrepresent and lie about President Obama’s record, I also know that if someone were to call one of my loved ones a “liar”, I’d want to punch them too.  I can only hope I have Tagg’s self control (or, alternatively, that the people I’d want to punch don’t have Secret Service protection).

For the record, I’m an Obama supporter & donor.



One thought on “Tagg Romney’s “I wanna deck Obama” comment: not a big deal

  1. I think the issue here is more one of respect for the office of the presidency. Back in the W days, people were arrested and taken in for questioning for comments like that (“TREASON!!”) and yet with this president, the level of acceptable disrespect is much greater.

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