Congressman Trey Gowdy’s Gorgeous Necktie

There’s no real reason why you should know who Trey Gowdy is. I only know because once upon a time, a guy named Dave Stroup posted on Twitter about the guy’s extraordinary necktie and I thought “That is the most beautiful necktie I think I have ever seen.”

Trey_Gowdy,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressBut of course, inquiries to Mr. Gowdy’s office about where did he get that amazing necktie?! went — unsurprisingly — unanswered.  It’s hard to google a necktie, too.  “Mosaic necktie” or “colorful necktie?”  I’ve tried both, and many, many, many more search variations.  Last night, on eBay, I got lucky.  I found this tie (below, left):

necktie_ebayNow, you may say, “but those aren’t the same colors!”  True, but forget the colors, look at the pattern of angles colored rectangles.  Now, I’m not saying these are both the same tie, just in different colors, but I do have these two (below) that are clearly the same pattern (albeit different colors).  The red one, by the way?  The one I wore on my job interview for the position I have now.  IMG_1503[1]

Additionally, when you look at the pattern on the rectangles on the tie above, they seem to mesh with the pattern on the rectangles of the tie Congressman Gowdy is wearing.

The eBay tie is from Charles Tyrwhitt, a men’s fancy-clothes shop, with, I’ve just realized, a location by Farragut Square.  I might just have to stop in with a picture of Mr. Gowdy and see if they have that tie in stock.  Of course, even if they do, I probably won’t be able to afford it.

Sadly, as you may have noticed, I missed my opportunity to score the tie I found on eBay: I didn’t pay enough attention to the end date of the auction and that auction ended last night.

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  1. You might have some luck if you cropped out just the tie and did a Google image search with that image.

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