Happy Birthday, National Geographic!

NGSThe National Geographic Society, housed across several interconnected buildings just east of Washington, DC, turns 125 years old this month (possibly even today)!

I have so many wonderful memories of the magazine (and less of the Society’s other media), including a bookshelf in a back hallway of my grandfather’s rambling farmhouse, packed end to end and up and down with copies of the magazine dating back decades; and, of course, realizing as a kid that some issues of the magazine featured full frontal nudity of women (this may seem surprising to today’s youth, but in the days before the internet was readily available, a guy had to do what a guy had to do).

I’ve been to the NGS headquarters a number of time.  A gentleman I worked with at the bookstore has worked there for a number of years and gave me a behind-the-scenes tour of the building — most memorable was getting to see the huge room with the gigantic fireplaces where the board meets, and the Andrew Wyeth paintings, “Romance of Discovery,” hung on the wall just outside.  I was in the building most recently in March for lunch following my job interview a few blocks away: the cafeteria is amazing, but most importantly, it was a successful interview & I got the job.