Monday, January 7, 2013 – Walk

walk_010713I may have been too optimistic about the warm weather predicted for today – in the 40s! – because it sure felt colder, but having built up an anticipation to walk to work, I couldn’t bear to take the bus.  So I walked to work, and then once I was at work, I had to walk to a meeting on campus, and later, I decided, what the hell, and walked home, too.  That walk home was REALLY cold, especially as I was only wearing a hooded sweatshirt (I mean, not ONLY, but no scarf or winter coat) and a wool hat.

Anyway: 4.8 miles.  Pretty good for a walk in January.  Although I’m hearing the weather’s going to get into the 60s this weekend so I am already plotting a Saturday morning urban hike.