That Photo Is NOT Of a Smart Car on the DC Metro

smart-carThis photo has been making its rounds on Twitter tonight, with most people deciding that this is a picture of a Smart Car.  On a DC Metro train car.

Well, maybe it’s the fact that the door is hinged from the rear (you can see the operator’s left foot); or that the operator appears to be a very elderly individual; or that the tires are clearly not auto-tires …

I described this vehicle on Twitter as some sort of enclosed motorized wheelchair.  And then I started Googling.  Guess what I found?

This page.  Top row, middle.  See anything that looks familiar?  The contraption pictured above is a “Shoprider Flagship Enclosed Personal Mobility Scooter.”  Basically, an enclosed mechanical wheelchair.

This is what a Smart Car looks like, by the way.

Google — and common sense — is your friend.

UPDATE 1/17:

This post got some love from the Washington City Paper!

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  2. My name is Deborah S. Nixon. I was a dyslexia specialist for the state of Texas until My illnesses forced me to not be able to drive a car (not even a Smart Car) and to go on medical disability in 2000 starting my own business, [redacted at request of comment writer] at the direction of God, and then move closer to my daughter in 2006 who at that time was a commissioner for District 6a in DC and now finally move to Leisure World. I am not what I consider to be an elderly woman. In Leisure World standards I am a young woman being only 61. In the retirement communities they called me all kinds of names and said I was there to steal their men. I have problems when light gets into my eyes so I wear hats and sunglasses with bling on them. The doctors don’t know why I have the autoimmune disease I have and even more puzzling, why I am still alive. Some say they can only watch me until I die because they thought I would die when I was 38 years old. God told me to live every day like it was my last day, thoroughly enjoying it. People are puzzled about me looking young, but living in a retirement community alone. I always had many friends when I lived in Texas, but not since I moved north and cannot drive a car and am the youngest person in the community where I live.
    I do not like riding Metro Access and prefer to ride one of my mobility scooters, especially Rambling Rose. I had problems getting her down into the Metro until I took off the trunk. Now, I know I can get her down at Glenmont and up at Chinatown. I can also use the streets and Friendship Heights, but the Metro Kiosk worker lost his patience with me when I got stuck between the elevator door and a wall. He told me to go to the street and wait for him. No way. He was yelling at me. Rambling Rose didn’t want to be separated from me, so when we got to the street and no one was there waiting for me, we put the pedal to the medal and went to China Town. A teenage girl tried to open the driver’s door but I gave her my teacher’s look and told her to let the handle go. We went on to that elevator and then went down to the Metro. 3 workers helped us to get through the gate and on the Red Line to Glenmont. My son-in-law saw me all over the web and received word that the Metro police sent out a memo prohibiting me from riding the Metro again.

    Now, is that fair? It violates my rites under the Disabilities Act. If I ride Metro Access, it costs the taxpayers, which includes me, more money. Often the driver doesn’t come for 3 hours and makes me late for my appointments. There is no guarantee that I will get to my appointment on time. It is called shared ride. Many times I am not picked up until the offices are cleaned and the security guard calls and demands they pick me up. One time they put me on a van that drove me down to Annacostia and I saw the pimps and drug dealers on the street corners. The only reason I finally made it home was the driver called in to take a lunch break so they would stop adding rides onto his van and he could drive north toward his next ride and to my drop-off in the far north of the area. I ended up with pneumonia the next day and was taken to the hospital for a week.
    I have hired live in assistants but they are very expensive costing me $240 per day and most of the assistants are from West Africa. I learned they came here through the lottery system which I am opposed to. They put their name into a drawing and usually a person’s name is drawn in less than a year. They sell everything they have and people in their community usually give to them because they believe they will become wealthy in the USA. No matter what they were in Africa, they usually are trained in the medical field when they arrive in the USA. While many of the nurses were from the Philippines in the 1980’s and 1990’s, since 2000 and the lottery, most are from African countries. It only takes 6 weeks to be trained as a CNA and that is the entry point for most people from West Africa. They fill the staffing of the hospitals and the home health agencies. This is not good for people who have autoimmune diseases like I do. They believe we are possessed by a demon and that is why we are not healed. If we lived in an African village, we would have to be hidden or we would me in danger of being killed by any of the villagers. Our families would not be allowed to get water from the village well or ride on the bus to the city. This belief does not stop when the people leave Africa. I had one aid lay down on the floor and yell for the demons to get out of my house. She blamed the demons for her running my car into the side of the garage preventing us from going to church. I have been chased and hit by children in a store and the parents do nothing to stop them. At one rehab center, every morning I was given the wrong amount of insulin and my blood sugar dropped to 33. This was only entered into my files on the last day I was there and there was no way to avoid the entry because the blood was sent to the lab to be tested.
    Why did the kiosk worker treat me like he did? I didn’t bother any one by riding my Shoprider Flagship on the Metro. I rode another large scooter on the Metro from Twinbrook to DC for 18 months and it had larger tires and went 9mph. It looked like a golf car with its canopy. Rambling Rose only goes 7mph and everyone can get around her and they love her. I just have to keep my eyes on her so no one steals her.

    I paid $5500 for her and then someone showed me a slit in the top of her roof. I was furious. The Scooter Store then sold her to me for $2500 and refunded $3000 to my credit card. If you look on her roof, you will see an area where I sprayed her with sealing compound on the outside and inside. Then, I bought candy apple red spray paint and covered up the sealing paint. Some of the paint got on her back window. I need to find something to get this paint off her back window. I had to do this to keep me from getting wet. I hope this repair holds up and doesn’t crack in the heat or cold.

    Rambling Rose is only one of my fleet of scooters to keep me mobile. Some people here in Leisure World believe I should not be allowed to live here. They believe my daughter did me a disservice and a disservice to the people of Leisure World by dumping me off here. They believe I am not capable of caring for myself. They believe I should live in a nursing home. They believe I should be cared for in the nursing home. The nursing home should provide my meals and medications. They should provide my transportation to appointments and have someone to package my medication and decide what I do every day. The last retirement home where I lived tried to tell me I couldn’t wear hats, the committee voted me out of playing bridge (never knew why because I am a top player but it could have been due to my narcolepsy or because I shuffle the cards in my hand due to a severed tendon in my left thumb and they thought I was cheating but no one told me until my last week in the community). I have been put out of 3 communities here with no explanation and was scammed out of more than $50,000 when I bought the condo and then when I purchased a heat pump through Home Depot and Chilltrol, they forgot to install a heater and I know they didn’t install a new coil and some other parts. The sales rep prayed for me and told me to call him and not Home Depot or Chilltrol if I had any problems.

    Because of the narcolepsy and then cataplexy, I have difficulty maintaing a focus. You can see it in this letter I wrote to you. I crave for my independence and Rambling Rose, my Hoveround wheelchair, my Hoveround breakapart scooter, my old wheelchair, my large scooter that had its electrical system fried in a power surge have all helped me to maintain this. I have always done at least two activities at the same time, now it is five or more. Right now, I am writing a letter to you, listening to a book on tape for a book club, eating a pear, drinking apple/vitamin B juice that most people swear is alcohol, and watching the SuperBowl/news at the same time. It is 12:45am and I have not to bed in the previous 2 nights. I did go to bed, but it wasn’t until after 6am and then I napped during the day. That is the pattern of your typical person with cataplexy, but I am going to try to get to bed earlier since I have doctors’ appointments this week. I also must get my bills paid tonight. I have never been this far behind.

    If you would like to meet with me, I would love to show you the dyslexia program that I am trying to complete. I have not been able to make myself work on it in 2 years. It is the best program I have ever created or that God has flowed through be to create. I don’t know why I have closed down to God. If I could just find the power to complete this program it will help people with dyslexia and English as a Second Language learners who are in 4th grade or above. I am just afraid of criticism. What if people don’t like one part of it? Criticism sometimes craters me when what I should say is: I don’t care. I really don’t care. I should take it up with God

    You can talk to many people in the Beaumont/Houston area and they will speak highly about what I have been able to do, but right now I have doubts about what I can do and that is silly. People here in Leisure World have torn me to shreds because they are defending the broker’s daughter who frauded me when she sold the condo that had been owned by one of the broker’s friends. She bought it for almost $200,000 and didn’t maintain it and the market collapsed. She sold it to me for $152,000 but didn’t disclose all of the defects that under a dual agent contract she was required to disclose. I now have an attorney and I hope to get some relief from all of this. I almost died from the black mold left in the unplugged humidifier and then it spread through the a/c system. It was there and in the blower and ducts. The paramedics had to kick down the door on January 29, 2012 when I had developed pneumonia which went into congestive heart failure. I had severe pneumonia for a second time this year and weakness has caused me to fall and develop concussions a minimum of a dozen times this year.That is where I am right now. I am trying to make it with the help of Rambling Rose. Please help me to keep them from limiting my use of Rambling Rose.

  3. I am not sure if I am supposed to make any comments or if this is for new readers. I needed to remove the website since it is the one for our business. That needs to be kept private. Thanks.

  4. Debby – thanks for the comment. I edited the comment to remove the name of your company, as well as editing the website URL so clicking on your name wouldn’t direct someone there.

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