snatch and grab

Last night was the first time I’ve taken the Metro since early February; it was close to midnight and I was off the train at Woodley Park, waiting for the crowd to disperse up the escalators before bothering to make my way through what would otherwise be a bottlenecked exit.

By the time I realized what had happened, the victim was looking mournfully at the train with its closed doors, and the perpetrator and his friends were already on the mezzanine; my head was starting to throb, the alcohol from an evening in Alexandria was still in my system, and I’d just witnessed an aborted snatch-and-grab, a young African-American kid in a white t-shirt waiting until the last second to bolt off the train, holding a smart phone, its owner in close pursuit shouting “POLICE! POLICE!”, and the kid throwing the phone over his shoulder, at which point the phone’s owner went for the phone and abandoned his chase.



One thought on “snatch and grab

  1. I’ve also witnessed the same crime attempt. The owner’s shout instructed Siri to play “Wrapped Around Your Finger” at high volume. This provoked an involuntary spasm which appeared as an intentional fling.

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