The Farragut Square Pop-Up Bookstore

Did you know there’s a pop-up charity bookstore in Farragut Square through May 15th?!

Me neither, until a friend handed me the flyer she’d been given at the Metro.  AND THEY’VE APPARENTLY BEEN DOING THIS SINCE LIKE 2009.  WTF.  How’d I miss it?

Benefiting DC Public Schools, the store is located at 1030 17th Street NW (that’s on the west side of 17th between K & L Streets).

Last thing in the world I need is more books (have you seen the photos of my apartment?!), but I couldn’t resist; I’ve already been twice, and I’ve got plans to go twice more.  There’s a pretty good selection of books, and many are in good or like-new condition.

And if you’re looking for copies of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or Eat, Pray, Love, hooboy are you in the right place.