So I was on the L1 this evening, and traffic was heavy, and I was reading, but somewhere on Florida Avenue NW, a passing car’s horn played Dixie, and here I am, reading a 1,000 page biography on Churchill (third of three) and thinking I’d suddenly found myself in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Goodbye, Expedit

I love Expedit.

I have many of them. I have stacked an Expedit on top of another Expedit. I have stacked other types of bookcases on top of Expedits. They are filled to capacity with books, DVDs, knick-knacks, and of course, more books. There are books on the shelves, stacked on top of other books, and on top of the units. One hosts my TV and media equipment. One cube on one Expedit holds my old laserdisc collection.

And they’re going away. The Expedits, that is.

I mean, not mine. Not without somebody getting cut.
iphone 659

IKEA is doing away with the Expedit line. Or, well, changing how they make the units and re-naming it KALLAX.

Live on, EXPEDIT. But even as KALLAX, I bet you’ll still be a pain in the ass to put together.

Sidewalks and Snow Berms, oh my!

I went to the corner CVS. I needed shampoo (for my beard). I also wanted some milk, and maybe a sandwich if I could find it. What I really needed was a transaction where I could get cash back, so I could do my laundry.

Mission accomplished, and I’ve got three machines downstairs running for me right now.

As for venturing out …

The sidewalks were a mess. In shaded areas they were almost a sheet of ice, in some places, the home owners hadn’t bothered to shovel them, so they were a solid lumpy sheet of ice over snow. In sunlight areas, if they’d been cleared yesterday or earlier today, the sidewalks were simply damp; if they hadn’t been, they were dangerous. Crossing any street required climbing or stepping over a snow berm.

I don’t think I’ll be going out again today. And I hope DC enforces ticketing property owners who didn’t clear their sidewalks.