Sidewalks and Snow Berms, oh my!

I went to the corner CVS. I needed shampoo (for my beard). I also wanted some milk, and maybe a sandwich if I could find it. What I really needed was a transaction where I could get cash back, so I could do my laundry.

Mission accomplished, and I’ve got three machines downstairs running for me right now.

As for venturing out …

The sidewalks were a mess. In shaded areas they were almost a sheet of ice, in some places, the home owners hadn’t bothered to shovel them, so they were a solid lumpy sheet of ice over snow. In sunlight areas, if they’d been cleared yesterday or earlier today, the sidewalks were simply damp; if they hadn’t been, they were dangerous. Crossing any street required climbing or stepping over a snow berm.

I don’t think I’ll be going out again today. And I hope DC enforces ticketing property owners who didn’t clear their sidewalks.


2 thoughts on “Sidewalks and Snow Berms, oh my!

  1. I can’t believe you live in the same place I helped you move into. I have moved six times since then. So jealous! heh.

  2. I hate moving! Do it in a heart beat if I could afford a larger place, though! My apartment has more bookcases, more books, and the carpet is considerably nastier now.

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