A March Snow Day

This winter’s snowfall may not quite equal the epic double-blizzard of 2009/2010, but it has been the heaviest snow since that winter. Early March, and snow is falling yet again. I love it. I love snow, I love being inside and warm while snow falls, I love walking around in the snow.

And I’m fortunate, because my employer closed for the day. I think most employers did. Well, most 9-5 employers. And I’m fortunate because I still get paid for today. Imagine my shock when a person I follow on Twitter expressed outrage (feigned, I hope) that his local IHOP was closed.

Because those restaurant workers won’t get paid for today, even though the buses aren’t running, and even though the roads are awful. I’ve got the local CBS news on (yay WUSA9!) and one of the anchors, speaking about traffic accidents, said, “there are so many, I can’t even start to talk about them.” My paraphrasing.

And office workers on Twitter are outraged that they can’t have pancakes for breakfast. Pretty soon, Twitter will be overrun with outrage over bars that have closed, or retail stores that haven’t opened.

Because somehow, while it is too dangerous for office workers to trudge into work, it somehow isn’t too dangerous for restaurant and retail staff to do the same?

I wonder how many of the same people complaining about a closed local establishment are outraged by the consumer culture that dictates stores opening on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday? Hard to see a difference here.