Planet Lucy

I went to catch the early show of Lucy this morning at Mazza Galleria. Excepting the woman who brought her kid to the movie and then realized this wasn’t a non-violent film and raced out (as opposed to all of Luc Besson’s other children-appropriate films such as The Professional or La Femme Nikita, which teach valuable trades), the film was fun, interesting and strange: picture a science-fiction themed shoot-’em’up nature documentary. That’s really the closest I can come: one moment, people are getting shot, the next moment, oh look, it’s a cheetah chasing a deer. Worth waiting to see on DVD or streaming, though.

Hot Tub Time Machine II – basically just Back to the Future rebooted

In continuing my theory that Hot Tub Time Machine is basically Back to the Future rebooted with a hot tub time machine instead of a Delorean time machine, John Cusack is filling the Crispin Glover role by not returning, as with BTTF 2 the sequel goes to the future, and the second sequel (appears to be set up at the end of the trailer) will apparently take us well back in time to the War for Independence.