New Star Wars trailer! New Star Wars trailer! It’s so easy to get caught up in it — OLD HAN and STILL LOOKING YOUNG CHEWBACCA — it’s easy to forget how much positive press The Phantom Menace received, almost two decades ago.

But I will remain optimistic until December.

(Also, does it seem weird to anyone else that Chewbacca basically doesn’t age?)

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  1. It doesn’t seem odd if you factor in the relative lifespan of a Wookiee compared to a human. Wookieepedia (the Star Wars wiki) puts Chewbacca’s birth at 200BBY. Return of the Jedi took place in 4ABY. The Force Awakens takes place ‘roughly’ 30 years later. Chewbacca would be about 234 years old. If you use humans as a standard, we typically gray in our mid- to late-forties. Our average lifespan is 67 years. For a race that lives more than 400 years (let’s assume ‘more than’ means 400 is the average), unless Chewie is a Wookiee that will gray prematurely, he has several decades left before he starts to gray.

    People who this feels odd to are just not aware of the lifespan differences.

    That said, we also have no idea how they age. For example, they could be children for as short a time as humans, stay in their ‘prime’ until about a decade before they die, and then age rapidly for the final decade. They might not have the same life stages we do, even though they are clearly mammals like us. There’s a lot we don’t know about Wookiees, let alone all of the other species in the SWU. shrug

  2. Ok, we all know Luke loses his father’s liesthabgr (the blue one that he got from Obi-Wan in Episode 4) in TESB. The book Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry tells what happens between Episodes 5 and 6. In it, Luke returns to Ben’s adobe hut on Tatooine and constructs a new liesthabgr, which is the green one we see in ROTJ. The text in quotes are excerpts from the novel Lightsaber-building was a traditional exercise for a Jedi, so he’d been told. He’d found an old leather-bound book that belonged to Obi-Wan. A book that contained all manner of wondrous things for a would-be Jedi, such as plans for building a liesthabgr. The thumbprint clasp on the volume had accepted Luke’s right thumb to unlock it, and once it was open, he saw the flashpacket rigged inside the cover. Had anybody tried to force the clasp, the book would have burst into flame. Somehow, Ben had known Luke would find this book. Somehow, he had prepared it so that only he could open it safely. Luke had previously rounded up the materials he needed. He’d managed to collect most of the electronic and mechanical parts in Mos Eisley power cells, controls, a high-energy reflector cup but he had to make his own focusing jewel. To make the jewel, he put the ingredients into a little furnace that was at the hut. Luke didn’t know how long it would take for the jewel to form but he knew that once it was, he’d assemble all the parts as detailed in the instructions. The novel goes into more detail about all this. If you want to know more, read it! It’s a really great read. Plus, it’s one of few EU books that actually has Vader as one of the main characters.Hope this clears things up!

  3. I think the question is that; after luke lost his first lesbtaghir in Empire (and his girlfriend, I mean hand) he showed up in Jedi with a new one not unlike Ben’s, so where did he get it?I thought Vader and the Empire addressed it, in Jedi, and assumed that Luke built a new one. Or is my memory faulty?I personally am more interrested in the Chewbacca question myself.Any plans of a perminent forum, by topic instead of date, where whe can endlessly drone on about old questions instead of continually addressing new ones in the same disorganized fashon?- I for one think there are not enough pointless places to go on the internet and we need more;)

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