Walk to Congressional Cemetery

Wednesday I dropped $100 on new walking shoes — the first new shoes I’d bought in probably two years. Saturday, I put those shoes to their first major test — a walk from my apartment in Woodley Park to Congressional Cemetery, located on the west bank of the Anacostia in what can only be described as East East Capitol Hill. I’d never been to Congressional Cemetery before, and wanted to scratch it off my “to see” list.


Of course, by the time I got there — about two and a half hours, and six and a half miles — I was pretty exhausted, so instead of an indepth exploration, I walked around a bit, rested, and then was off again. My plan was to walk to Farragut Square and catch a bus home, but instead, I caught the Metro at Capital South, giving me a total walk for the day of about eight miles. Not too bad. Some of the gravestones I took photos of are below.



And I’m pretty sure I caught some Star Wars fans checking out my awesome C-3PO and R2-D2 t-shirt!

And then I had sort of an awkward encounter. I was a few blocks from Capital Hill South when a woman walking two Corgis turned onto the street ahead of me. Who doesn’t love Corgis, right? So I called out to her, “They’re beautiful!” and asked if I could take their picture. Which became super awkward when she posed, and I took a photo … of her Corgis. So, basically, I just became the cat-calling creep … who then ignored the pretty lady in favor of her dogs. I don’t think either one of us walked away from that feeling uplifted, and I just feel … mortified. I think I ruined her day. My deepest apologies, if you are reading this: you are lovely, and your puppies are lovely.

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