Blog Policy

Hatemail is welcome but understand that I reserve the right to post your communications and make fun of you.

This blog contains my opinions which may or may not offend you.

Please feel free to exercise your freedom of choice and not read this blog if you are incapable of doing so and acting in a mature manner.

Only spam comments will be deleted, but I reserve the right to IP ban trolls (I make determinations as to what qualifies as spam comments, and who qualifies as a troll).

In the rare occasion I choose not to recieve feedback on a post, the comment feature will be turned off either at the time of posting, or before the first comment has been left. I will not turn off the comment feature on a post because of negative or unpleasant feedback.

SpamKarma2 is enabled.

Hotlinking will not be tolerated. This blog does not hotlink.

The content on this blog is mine, on occasions when the content is not mine, its owner/creator is properly credited and/or linked to, depending on how much information is available to do so.

I may be contacted at malnurturedsnay AT gmail DOT com.

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