This Blog is Dead

My knowledge of computers is not very, uh, wide. I know how to turn them on. I can send e-mail. Sort of like my car — I can turn it on, I can drive it, I can even fill the windshield washer fluid … frankly, that’s about all I can do. Blow a tire on the road, I’m frakked.

This guy is the technical mastermind behind this blog. I write the entries, but he’s the one who installed Moveable Type and figured out how to get that banner at the top of the page. He works for little pay (the occasional book or DVD) and probably about as much thanks. It’s safe to say that without his help, I’d be on Blogspot. Yeah, I figured out how to add to my blogroll and do some changes to the configuration, but he’s Chewbacca to my Han Solo, Spock to my Kirk, KMart to my ACW, ACW to my KMart. It’s my blog, but it wouldn’t be here without him — I don’t think I’ve ever thanked him on this blog for that, Tim: thank you.

For quite some time Tim has been trying to get me away from Moveable Type and over to WordPress. I’ve been reluctant — variety of reasons, of course … I’m comfortable with Moveable Type, I like the blog that way it is, etcetra, so on … so forth. Sometimes, I hesitate to make change because I’m afraid of change. Usually, once I make the leap, I’m happy about it.

It was a rough day today. I woke up at seven to get my car into the shop nice and early. On the agenda: serpentine belt, fuel injection cleaning, a tune-up, and two new oxygen sensors. The total bill — well, a lot of cash on my previously balance-free Goodyear Card. Redeeming features: 90 days no interest and an $80 rebate taken directly from the card.

I spent the afternoon assembling a tv-stand from IKEA. It has doors. I once told myself I would never buy anything from IKEA that had doors, then I went and broke my own promise. Worked up a hell of a sweat, then decided to blog about something that I can’t remember right now.

My comments had increased by over one hundred. Of those one hundred, there was only one legitimate comment — the rest were spam. Child Rape! Viagra! Corvette Spare Parts! Check all, delete. Check all, delete. Then on to trackbacks, only thirty there. New comment spams in the time it took to do that. Super frustrating — it’s taken all the fun from blogging. It wasn’t bad when I had a handful of trackback and comment spam on any given day, but lately its gone through the roof — on a good day, I’m lucky to escape with less than one hundred fradulent trackback or comments.

I like comments — I do. That’s probably a little silly, particularly since I’m a big fan of the “It’s your blog, do what you want to with it” line of blog thought. I don’t consider myself a comment-whore like certain well-known bloggers, but it’s awesome to get comments and feedback about the shows I’m watching, the projects I’m building, or my frustrations at the day past. But lately when I see new comments I curse and go to the management screen fully expecting to delete another spammer — it’s rare when I actually have a non-spammer commenting. That sucks.

(That’s also why you need a TypeKey registration to comment on this blog — I don’t know how many people have a TypeKey, and I can remember a considerable amount of trouble even for those who have — but soon this will be WordPress, not Moveable Type, and once the transition is made comments’ll be free and fancy fun again … but seriously, I’m so to the brink of being physically sick with all the fuckin’ comment spam I just can’t stand it and if I’ve got to end all comments altogether, fine! Fuck the spammers! Fuck them with a big oak tree up their fucking retarded assholes!)

And its taken all the fun out of blogging. By the time I’ve deleted all the spam I just want to get away from the computer, certainly out of my blog’s admin page. I like to have fun when I’m blogging, and its been more of a chore than a hobby lately.

So, Moveable Type will soon be gone, and WordPress will soon be here.

This blog is dead.

Long live this blog.

blogtimore issues

Apparently some people have formatting issues with my posts as they appear on Blogtimore. I was unaware there was a problem (dealing with paragraph breaks, I think?), as this is how my posts show up on Blogtimore:


I want to resolve the issue, but my inability to a.) see the problem and b.) know how to fix it, are hindering me. Guide me.

Not Quite Live Blogging The Happy Hour

There’s nothing like waking up five hours or so after you’ve passed out drunk and feeling “Wow, so this is what sober is like. I’d forgotten.” Actually, I was just surprised how it felt to not feel like I was walking on a clipper ship in the middle of a storm.

Anywaaaay …

Last night was the July Baltimore Blogger’s Happy Hour. I caught a ride with him and his wife. We left … I dunno … 5:40ish and got down to Nick’s like … 6:30? Traffic in downtown Baltimore sucked super ass. At one point a city bus next to us decided to blow its foghorn and essentially destroyed my hearing for the night. Later, preparing to turn onto 395, Neckbone leaned back in his seat as I gave him directions and bellowed, “We’ve gotta get on ninety-five? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why didn’t we just take ninety-five all the way down?”

Well, duh, you printed out the directions! I’m just telling you where to go, silly …


Anyway, we got down there in one piece, and walked into Nick’s wondering, “Are they inside or outside?”

Of course they were all outside on picnic tables. This is a decision we generally regretted later as it was hot and, um, spiders. Big spiders. There was one on my shoulder. This guy pointed that out to me and I shrieked like a girl and flicked it off in the general direction of other people who gave me dirty looks. Whatevah, I don’t pretend to like spiders.

Anyway, walking over to the group several hours earlier I quickly settled at a spot next to this dude who was engaged in chit-chat with a woman named Sally who is this guy’s wife and a frequent commenter on my blog (Common Wombat himself was home geeking out with a friend watching BSG). Hooray! Anyway, between the three of us there was much discussion of blogging, the horrors of Cockeysville, the lovely Cockeysville Target, felines, Battlestar Galactica, and my apparent outing of Anonymous Coworker in which I named him — by real name! — in a blog entry. (Upon returning home, I did a search for ACW’s real name in my search feature and found no actual outing, although perhaps it was made in comments).

(I almost accidently outed ACW here in my drunk post but I was somehow able to keep a clear enough mind and reason, “Waaaaaait, I can’t … I can’t use his real name here because then I’ll be outing him.”)

In any case, there was a decent turnout at the Happy Hour. I was excited to meet the afore-mentioned Sally for the first time as we had exchanged rather lengthy e-mails a few weeks prior on the subject of … well, felines, and fleas, and Cockeysville and other things which I don’t remember. Also present at the Happy Hour was eXtraheavyMarcellus who I always thought would be a lot scarier in real life. Seadragon, who was all, “I’m coming to drink, I’m coming to drink!” apparently got sick and cancelled. More beer for the rest of us.

(Speaking of that, as Neckbone had told me he was going to pick up my tab as a thank you for caring for his dog while they were away, I made progress through what he later told me was eight Woodchuck ciders. My goal had been ten.)

My memory gets fuzzy at this point, but I stole many cigarettes from Messy Hair Girl which is odd because I don’t smoke. Also present were the broads who planned the thing: Zenchick and Broadsheet, both of whom recieved many hugs.

I promised to buy the new Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader action figure for Jason, and Fool and I talked about something but alcohol has clouded my memory. I think she may have discussed her desire to shoot her boss, but don’t quote me on that. JWER was there, too. Epiphany and I had a long discussion about … something … but … hey, I can’t remember.

The biggest surprise was that this dude showed up without becoming to lost and going home to cry again and play with his pet wolf spider. There’s a photo of him on here somewhere, but you’ll have to look for it. He also brought his wife whose birthday is ten days after mine so we were all like, “Leos, yeah!” and he was like, “sniff”.

Anyway, group photo, faces blacked out because I don’t know off hand who does or does not want their faces posted …


Got a ride home with the same folks who gave me one down, and stumbling into my chilly apartment (I’d left the a/c on) I pretty much collapsed right on the floor and grabbed Guy into my arms. Tippy was smart enough to run when she heard me coming – Guy, on the other hand, I wound up clutching in my arms as I napped for about fifteen minutes. He was none too pleased about that.

Apparently I did some drunk blogging that I very vaguely remember. I’m impressed I was able to upload a photo, much less import it from the memory card and resize it. Apparently I didn’t adjust for the angle. Ooops.

So that’s it for me. I’m going back to bed, and if you were at the happy hour and I forgot you, e-mail me and I’ll put you on this post, and I apologize now for forgetting you! You’re very unforgettable and awesome.

You know its bad …

… when the one day I absolutely positively (yes, I know I spelled that wrong) need to have off for … I forgot to request off for. No big (I hope). I think I can get it covered …

In any case, with less than a week to go:

July Baltimore Bloggers Happy Hour

Organized by her, and her.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Nick’s Fish House

Also, everyone e-mail this guy and give him your cell phone number so he has no excuse to not show.


(We gotta get another photo of him in that same pose with a big goofy grin and an empty bottle of beer in his hand).


No fear! I’ll be there!

On one hand …

… I think, “Stop staring at the monitor and go to bed, you should’ve done that an hour ago.”

But if I had, I wouldn’t have caught and deleted the over fifty trackback spams that I’ve been pinged with in the last hour. I know they probably wait until the site owner/master is asleep so they can get their filth out their for as long as possible, but I am getting sick and tired of waking up to their shit, and finding the notifications two, three, even four pages deep in my “junk mail” folder.

Is it possible to disable comments and trackback pings after a certain amount of time? I’d like to be able to close acceptance of both after, say, a thirty-day timeframe. I don’t know if that’ll stop them, but nothing else seems to work.

In a related bit, at the supermarket the other day I saw a tabloid news headline: “BRITNEY SPEARS ALMOST BROKE.” I had a comment spam from someone purporting to be Mrs. Spears. Guess she is broke and this is how she’s makin’ a livin, eh?

he'd better keep this promise

Mikuru‘s blogging again, and this time he even sent me an e-mail promising me he wouldn’t change blogs again (I swear, this is the fourth blog he’s had in a year). You’ll be on the blogroll the next time I edit it — any preference as to what listing you’re under?

comment posting

Just for clarity’s sake, I have never posted a comment to any blog — moveable type, typepad, blogger, live journal or what-have-you — without also posting my name. When I have posted anonymous comments (on blogger and live journal) I always end the comment with “-Malnurtured Snay” or “-Mal Snay” or sometimes “-M Snay.”

the heterosexual life partners

It never really seemed possible that it would happen. Yeah, there was talk — “No, really, we’re both moving”, but it was sort of like “Oh, someday Texas will fall into hell“, you just never expect it to actually happen, and when it does you’re left with this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you wish you’d gotten to know them better before the split, before the death, because now there’s nothing you can do — nothing at all, it’s over, all over, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Que sera, sera?

So, with the same fondness that is extended to other more-than-heterosexual-but-less-than-homosexual life partners, like these folks;


… I would like to extend my best wishes to Baltimore’s own David Brent and Chris Finch, Anonymous Coworker and KMart. You two are, to my mind, as inseperable as Boh and Natty.

… in a more somber note,

And since today marks the departure of several folks from the blogging scene — some for a short while, some for much longer — farewell to DaBrettman, Latter Chronicles of the Early Years and Sweetney. I think I can understand some of the frustration bloggers are feeling, particularly as a community of Baltimore Bloggers begins to form and relationships develop between bloggers which force said bloggers to censor themselves for fear of hurting others. This can especially be problematic for those who turned to blogging as a way to vent without hurting their friends and family — as they make new friends (and possible new family) through blogging — aren’t they defeating their purpose for blogging? Fool has a nice post about some of the frustrations I think most of us have experienced at some point since becoming a part of this community. This bit, I think, sums it up:

When I started A Fool’s Fate it was my intention to remain anonymous… at least on the internet. I choose to attend my first Blogger Happy Hour because I did not feel as though it would effect my anonymity. I didn’t know the people and having a beer with them every now and then wasn’t going to influence what I wrote about. However, things aren’t always as simple as you hope. There are people I once described as “bloggers” that I now describe as “friends.” To add wood to the fire, I am currently rooming with one blogger and I am in love with another.

So…as you can imagine… there are eggshells to mind when creating posts. When I can’t express the little frustrations and doubts that pop up in the course of every day life and all its massive bullshit then I end up writing about the very few other things that consume me like… oh… say… work. Then I start repeating myself. Then I start babbling. Then it becomes bad for all of us.

I have no one to blame but myself. But why should I blame myself? Great things have come out of this blog and the fact that I forfeited my anonymity to meet other bloggers. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

At a happy hour a few months ago, Seadragon asked me why I started blogging, and I told her the truth – I wanted to make money, and had dreams of running a popular political blog that I could sell ad-space on and become rich and famous. Clearly, that didn’t pan out. Instead, my social life has recovered from its previous existence of “DOA” and I’ve made many new friends. In other words, I’ve gotten far more out of blogging than I ever could have imagined possible.

I’ve never been an out going person. I’m shy and reclusive by nature. I’d generally rather stay home and watch TBS then go out and try to meet people. I credit the now-deceased Crablogs with helping to meet people who helped pull me out of my shell and maybe it’s just odd – being a mostly positive experience for me – that for other people it becomes seemingly the opposite.

To those who are leaving this digital community, I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that you’ll be missed.


Perhaps influenced by Debrettman’s departure and Sweetney’s break-taking, I apparently misinterpreted this post by Green Eyed Pagan. I feel this was an honest mistake to make — the post is quite clear that GEP feels that her real personality isn’t coming across, and lists her frustrations with the Baltimore blog “scene.” In particular, the sentence “if I continue beyond this…” really seemed to indicate that her blog was, for all intents and purposes, done, particularly when coupled with the rest of the post. I had no intention to start or spread a false rumor, I came to an erroneous conclusion and offer my apology.

spam or not?

In the last twelve hours or so, many Baltimore area bloggers have recieved comments from a person named “Adam” concerning a university study he’s assisting to conduct which will study the various habits of bloggers and how blogs effect bloggers’ lives. Or something like that.

I usually delete spam – if you want to use me for advertisement, great! Put some cash in my sweaty palm. But people who’ll steal my blog for their advertisements? Fuck ’em.

Anyway, so I was divided – was Adam’s comment spam? Or not?

I came to the conclusion that it is spam. I see no reason why this Adam person couldn’t go to the trouble to e-mail his research proposal to people rather then post it in the first open-comment post he found.

Maybe I’m wrong. Whatever. I don’t want to read my comments to find out some dude from half way across the country wants me to participate in his little study and he can’t even take the time to bother to look up my e-mail.

Adam’s comment … deleted.


To clarify, because I feel I need to, it seems odd that in order to contact specific bloggers, Adam would contact people through public comments that anyone can read. I mean, what would be to stop me from reading Seadragon’s blog, finding about Adam’s survey in her public comments, then going to Adam’s survey, and then — pretending to be Seadragon — filling it out completely opposite from how she would?

Also, upon reading JJT’s post here, I did go to Adam’s survey site and complete the survey. I still think the way Adam went about contacting people was poorly thought through.

The June Baltimore Blogger Happy Hour

If you haven’t heard by now about the June Baltimore Bloggers’ Happy Hour, I have only one question to ask you: do you live in a cave? Anyway, I’m stealing this entire section from Jason J. Thomas’ blog:

June Blogger Happy Hour
When: Wednesday, 15 June 2005, 5:30 PM
Where: Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina Cubana (location and directions can be found here)
What: The consumption of margaritas, mojitos, and other adult beverages with fellow bloggers and friends.

These happy hours are a lot of fun, and you should go, especially if you’ve never been to one before.

Unfortunatly, I will not be able to make it.

There are a variety of reasons but it boils down to one big one: $$.
I’ve had a few unexpected expenses this month, and a big expected one (soaking & replacing my cell phone; car registration; health insurance), and I’ve still got to mail out my credit card bills by Monday.

I’ll see you blokes in July!


There seems to be some confusion about the reasons I’m not coming. This isn’t because I can’t afford $10 to spend on beer. It’s because I work a cash job. If I don’t work, I don’t make money. Usually it isn’t a big deal to take off a night, or even an entire day. But for the reasons listed above, I can’t afford to miss work — I stand to make $50-$60 Wednesday night, in addition to my hourly, which altogether should come out to about ninety bucks or so. What can I say? That’s nearly 2/3rds of my registration, right there.

spam jump

Since the launch of Blogtimore, Hon!, has anyone noticed an increase in spammers? I’ve actually gotten off light in the comment category, but I’ve been getting between ten and twenty trackback spam a day.

they're spamming tripod, now

Once, many many years ago, I built a webpage on Tripod, which provided free webspace. They might still, I’m not sure. Anyway, I built a webpage, and among other things, included a guestbook. I completely forgot about this webpage until tonight, when doing a google search on myself, I found it.

The latest entry in the guestbook — datedJune Third of this year! — was from some jackass spamming weight loss methods. Mind you, this old website has had a grand total of three-hundred plus hits. in theSIX YEARS! since I’ve last checked it.

Man, these spammers really are scraping the bottle of the barrel, eh?

stealing buttons

Blogtimore, Hon is set to be launched tomorrow night at six, so I did what any coniving bastard would do – I stole a Blogtimore button from eebmore. They’re nice. You should steal one.


Eebmore updated his post with this text,

“special note: the first two of these were built so I could have a good laugh and be a snarky ass. the rest were built out of boredom and exhaustion. Truth be told, it really isn’t my place to be building these, and I wouldn’t use them if I were you; unless baltiblogs feels like endorsing them.

It’s their site.”

What a snarky little …