project about to stall

I am damn near tapped out of bulding materials for my “not so secret” project. Yeah, I know, big deal tomorrow and I’m still up, but I didn’t get out of work until close to 10:30 and I need a couple of hours to unwind before I can even fall asleep … so I worked on my “not so secret” project — that front tower? It’s bigger now. I’ll post more photos this weekend.

In any case, I’m nearly tapped out on bricks. I have a couple more Bricklink orders I’m still waiting on, and those might enable me to finish a building or two, but the reality is — I need to buy more bricks!

Sadly, I have insurance due at the end of this month, so I can’t afford to go spending hard earned dinero on lego (at the moment). I’ll get done what I can on the castle, then put it on hold. Hopefully I’ll be able to resume this winter — because, frankly, seeing Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire in November will be more than enough motivation to kick me back onto building.

So — photos this weekend. I did get considerably farther on it, it’s really looking very, um, big.

little welts up and down my palms

(Note to Common Wombat: That’s “palms” not “penis“)

Two and a half hours later and tremendous progress has been made on the Secret Project. You’ve probably already guessed its being built out of Lego, and the size and weight of the finished project require a firm connection, which means I’ve been pressing down so much forcing these bricks to snap together as firmly as possible that I have little round welts up and down my palms.


This thing is really incredible though, I mean that, I’m barely at the halfway mark, and so far its been easy — just the foundations and all that, the detail work hasn’t even really started, but it’ll come soon enough. I got the rough-in of the Grotto finished, tomorrow, maybe, I’ll finish the detail — it’s mostly got to do with its location, but going back to detail it won’t be possible soon, particularly at the rate I’m going. The coolest thing about the Grotto is that its coming along almost exactly as I pictured it, a little bit forgotten, a little bit beautiful, a lot plastic …

I need to be 20 bricks high before I begin the second half of the project and I’m just about there … (and I’ve used about every single dark gray brick I can get my grubby hands on). Possibly by tomorrow night I’m going to put down the “main floor” — a series of large bricks (8×8 pegs, 8×16 pegs and 12×24 pegs) that will support the second-half of the project, this is really the hardest part of construction as it has to be solid enough to support probably 2/3rd the weight of the total construction, which means the underlying supports have to be, well, very steady. Argh.

(I can just picture this entire thing collapsing when I add the very last brick. That’d just be effin’ perfect. Not.)

Ooooh! Just pictured where to put the greenhouse …

…In any case, I’m tired. I should’ve packed this up an hour ago. Alas, might as well enjoy staying up late while I can — respectable employment around the corner, not far away, good to look forward, y’know?

My Top Secret Project

… remains Top Secret. In addition to my earlier hint, I’ll give you two more: it’s made out of ABS plastic and I’ve been going here a lot for inspiration.

It’s frustrating as hell, too. I had to place a few orders here, and the one order I need to get before I can do any more work on it (I needed a bunch of these & these) hasn’t even shipped – the owner of the store was on hurricane relief, but promised he’d have it in the mail tomorrow.

Well, let’s hope. Time’s a wastin’ and I want to be able to reveal this thing no later than three months from now.

I like Vance Quatrum

… even though he runs around the galaxy in the newest and gaudiest space-clothing offered by Abercrombie-and-Fitch’s most up-to-date sexathon – er, I mean catalogue – and drives the flashiest, most expensive and fuel-guzzling star cruiser in the entire universe – and that paint scheme! My god, that’s a custom job, that ain’t standard on that ship, no sir! But of course, he wouldn’t be Vance Quadtrum if he couldn’t rub your face in his wealth – which is why he has a (IKEA decorated, can’t you tell?) home on the most expensive Moon property there is on the entire … well, Moon. And if that isn’t enough, he bought a second lot, just to park his effin’ ride.

I hate effin’ Vance Quatrum.


(Nice creation, Jamie).

Since I'm on a Potter Kick Anyway …

… might as well take the time to mention Harry Potter & The Plastic Brick, particuarly since I found this on Brickshelf today.


The creator seems to be going for a representation of the movie-version of the castle, what with the tan bricks and all. The tower-caps are off, however – they should be a sand green, not black. I also nitpick with his use of green to represent the mountain Hogwarts is perched above – for my own preference, I would choose a dark gray brick scheme to better illustrate rock.

It’s hard to find reason to complain with the scale of the creation – this thing looks huge and is a sprawling representation of the castle. I particularly like the detail of the Great Hall.


This is the second “big” (and excellent) version of Hogwarts I’ve seen. Wanna see the first? Oooh!


Whereas the castle at the top of the post uses too little color, this one – I think – uses too many. Also, it splits Hogwarts into two different buildings, and splitting the cliff into light and dark gray pieces makes it a tad too confusing for my old and creeky self.

Allison Seltzer and I had discussed building a version of Hogwarts similar to those above. Of course, we discussed this the summer after the first movie had come out and we’d both been lounging around my apartment watching it time … after time … after time. We even drew up schematics … the castle proper would be perched on a “mountain” considerably higher than either of those two, and we were going to make an effort to put every detail of the castle into the construction. Of course, this never wound up happening, and who knows where she is now?

So when I found that on Brickshelf I smiled wistfully and remembered.

Super Lego Brothers

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I’ve just been super super busy this weekend. I’ll post more on that later (maybe), I just want to say that drinking a beer at Molly’s and watching The Oddessa Files was a great deal of fun. In any case, from


And hat-tip credit and thank you to Amanda of Discursive, who e-mailed me the link and provided me the threat title. Danke!


I was surfing Lugnet for neat new brick creations, and came across this from Adrian Drake … (I have it on good authority that he was not, in fact, “inspired by Land of the Living Dead”)

The Meridiani Planum Nuclear Facility seemed like a great idea at the time. The Lunar Nuclear Regulatory Commission wanted cheap power for the Moonbase, so they decided to transplant one of their terrestrial nuclear facilities to the moon virtually unchanged. A couple of moonbase connectors, some force fields for the lobby and loading dock, and it was ready to go.

The problems began with a minor fleebnork infestation. It turns out that fleebnork droppings, when combined with the radiation from fusion and the canned-recirculated air of the Moonbase causes some distinct physiological problems. Okay, long story short, the reactor blew, the containment chamber cracked, and almost the entire staff of the Meridiani Planum facility were turned into Zombies.



(Hey, after the last post, I needed something light to lift my spirits, ok?)

Lady Jedi

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me …”


“…but if I sense the Dark Side on ’em, they’re dead! Fuckin’ dead, you hear me?!”